Embracing the flow of life : Rashmi Killedar

Narmada , the river which originates from Bhagwan Shiva. She is the daughter of lord Shiva. It is where the very humble Ganga Maiya visits every year to cleanse herself from the impurities she collects from all the sins she washes of all the people who take a dip in it. A parikrama around Narmada grants many boons to an individual. Many sadhus undertake it. As I rewrite a few words from (http://akn-narmadaparikrama.blogspot.in/) , she is not just a river but an unbroken stream of Divine Consciousness which has continued to flow through several creations. An individual who calls her name everyday in the morning is said to have no harm from snakes. It is blissful to hear her stories (http://www.teachersofindia.org/en/article/story-river-narmada). Looking at the numerous photographs on the internet leave you in awe.

My parents were fortunate to get to meet her at Bedaghat and my brother got a nice gift from one of our caring neighbors of a CD describing a journey of the parikrama.

Narmada flowed during the time of dinosaurs and even before it. The way a river as divine as Narmada flows , we could let our lives flow. It seems so much easier without any wants in life. We just have to make ourselves purer to be merged into the creator. Happiness comes from filling one’s heart with love, from faith and hope and dispensing kindness (http://mindguruindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/MP056_many-lives-many-masters-brian-weiss.pdf) .

A very peaceful creation of Lord Shiva by Rashmi Killedar. The light use of colors and the way the chin is drawn is nice.wp_20161022_08_20_20_pro

Rashmi , a very sensible and controlled man. We just talked casually and he told me about himself, how he started off from an art school Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune and now is in a firm where he also has to take care of some management stuff. A few words from him moved me. From his words, he gave me a sense that we never know about the way our life goes , it just goes on, and flows as it is destined to. He is very interested in art and after 16 years now at work , it feels a lot different from his art school days, so things just carry on. Its like the way the ancient river flows.

Sometimes we are guided by the divine in different ways,  unknowingly we pass them. The way we met was a little embarrassing as he helped me set my baggage straight. But it so happens, had I not embarrassed myself by some incident it wouldn’t have given us a way to start our conversation.

He took out some of his artistic material and then he drew an amazing piece of Lord Krishna. He teasingly called me and said to me “look your colleague”. Then I had to tell him I don’t play the flute well, I am just learning. This he said since, I was carrying a flute inside its case, which was strapped to my bag. Then I felt like showing him a sketch of my mom somehow, as I felt I had made myself look miserable now, and that destiny was carving a new way out of nowhere for me these days.


We then talked about some usual getting to know each other stuff. I found him a very controlled and focused person. He asked me to continue to draw if I had interest in it, and to do it without any guidance as it will be all natural.

Here is the master at work.


Without saying much we finally bid adieu, as he rushed to attend a parent teacher meeting at his daughters school. We met in the flow and the river of life keeps flowing. We keep coming across people, some come and go while some stay with us for time, destiny tells us to say good bye’s. We must continue with the flow , keeping it simple  wanting only bare minimums from it.


50 word stories

The wedding

The couple were dressed to perfection, Divya looked a graceful bride in her red and gold dress and Rahul looked well groomed wearing a rich silver and gold sherwani. It made a picture perfect wedding. All the love that Sameer had promised her was thus crushed by the extravagant wedding.


Walking in rain in the dead of night as the winds blew unevenly, he was all by himself. Crossing the street as a few speedy vehicles occasionally zoomed past, he reached the beach where he wished to test the depth of the sea today but fortunately it was low tide.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A bowl of seeds collected over a month were crushed in a grinder as he ate without second thoughts. This made him badly retarded while he assumed it would be lethal enough, the seeds contain a hint of cyanide as we know.


The grieving mother put her hands around the body. Her eyes were flooded with tears pouring down from her cheeks, few drops of which from the motionless face entered the mouth. Miraculously regaining life and remembering moments of after death experience, he promised never to repeat the cowardly act again.

Open letter to a sparrow


Dear Sparrow,

Long since my childhood you have disappeared. I was happy to see you again at some places recently. I have heard about a World Sparrow Day being observed to spread awareness about your decline. How has it really gone so wrong? A house sparrow as they call you , you used to make nests in my home and we would get excited seeing your eggs in the nest and then to see the nestlings being born. I have fond memories of my Grand Mother visiting us and also getting cheered by seeing your cuteness .

I still remember the first two lines of a poem on you we sang in school which said how you would shake up any lethargy and come to wake us up in the morning.
आलस तज कर प्रातः जग कर हमें जगाने आयी कौन नन्ही चिड़िया प्यारी चिड़िया

I know what we have done to you. We built high rise buildings and these buildings have places where pigeons could live. As pigeons are aggressive birds they don’t allow you to live near buildings . Also we have depleted all water resources for you and so you have no where to go. You would only live near our homes but we made them such which have hurt you the most. We have let you down. We now want to spread awareness about your difficulties.

I hope you would continue to meet us when we spend our time in villages .

With all affection,
A sorry human

A space to write

Writing hasn’t been much exciting to me but I find everything gradually gets a place in me. It has just started with Writing101. Sometimes I have to give a deep thought to what I have to write and at times I can write easily , it depends mostly on my mood or how the topic relates to me. I usually prefer writing(typing) on my laptop as I have to post it because I haven’t written much prior to this, except being forced to write in exams or once while appearing for a job. I use a text editor to write. I just need my laptop and most importantly I need to have my mind free of any stress or worries.

I share a room with another person. Though we are very friendly , I become uncomfortable if someone tries to read while I am writing and so I start writing siting on my bed as he studies on the table. Ideally I would prefer a very quiet place.

At times I take a small walk around or talk to some people before I begin writing or may be in between as a break. I would really not prefer a coffee shop to write my mind. Coffee shop would be where I could take a break and rest or may be think about what I could write .

Writing is enjoyable and writing101 has made me uncover myself to me.

A letter to her

Love planted a rose and the world turned sweet.


My dearest angel,

You are pretty as a rose. Your crystal clear eyes ,as you squint a little giving a benign smile on your delightfully pretty face are very alike a pink rose bud when it blossoms, while the thorns are just my desires to know those thoughts in your mind which you keep to yourself. Your voice is very much like ambrosia trickling down on my senses , replenishing me to become lively. My mind shines ,fulfilling my wishes, taking away all my worries when I am looking at you.

You are a timemachine ,as when I keep admiring about you and I blush slightly while doing so, I am lost imagining about a time with you in the future or I am sent into the past, reminiscing the memories of the times spent with you .

It has been a pleasant atmosphere mostly whenever we’ve met and always you greet me with the most beautiful of all smiles and playfully chat with me avoiding any mushy feelings to arise. It was the best day for me when we went together to an ok but quiet restaurant. The time just passed by and it always felt too little. There were so many words in my mind I had, which failed to come out. You looked so pretty , I was mesmerised. I walked with you for sometime speaking and listening to you while showing you around and all this time it slipped out of my mind that I had bought you a gift. You had mentioned once about when you had a nice time with your relatives and more than the bag you got from them the get together was fun. Its fine that you don’t like me bringing you any gifts but you are so important to me that I just fail to tell my self to stop. You are impeccable and matter more than anything to me.

Once you had brought me sweets on Baisakhi and I feel so bad now that I didn’t turn up or wait for you and even the next day when you got them again. Please bring some for me this time, I would not miss it. I don’t know how I could have missed that as I have a sweet tooth and that is how I have come to love you.

You had invited me to your home in Lake Gardens . The name of the place is very welcoming and I am really looking forward to a time when it will be possible. I want to be there just to imagine how you had spent your childhood.

I find you so fascinating. You show feelings right from your heart while your heart is without any blemish and your beauty extends deep inside you to your heart. You have always meant a lot to me, and it will always be so.

With love undying,
I Love You
Your dreamer

Let social media inspire you

    Our understanding of what we know stays somewhat related to modern science which has its limits to what it can verify to be true. The study of our universe for what has been perceived and verified is what we try to know , as this study keeps on replenishing itself with more abundant knowledge which exists in the Universe. So we will always be students of our teacher, the Universe. We know it is unachievable to get to know all that has been found by modern science. We are minnows in the vastness of Science, and every time we learn and feel we have accomplished something , it turns out in a matter of time as we realise, that we know nothing because there is a lot more. Apart from Science all other elusive concepts which relate to human emotions also make us feel the same that we know nothing about them when we try to figure them out as we progress in life.

We learn to love , and give it everything inside us and yet it is a lot more and it is all different for everyone. We learn to breathe and then we know about Yoga and Pranayam and everything changes and still there are new additions to it by different people who make it their mission in life. We think we know ourselves and life throws us in situations where we figure, we are yet to know even about ourselves . It is not just study associated to our books, where we discover that we know nothing at all but we know nothing at all about all there is.

We should be glad though that there is a lot more to study and let our curious minds slowly have some portion of it. So it is undoubtedly a great gift from education to realise we know nothing and to have such lessons from social media is amazing.

The tweet is somewhat closely related to Ajnaanin which is unfamiliarity,unawareness and inexperience. With our recent study about something or some fresh knowledge , we get inspired to know more.

Mid Air Jump


     We need to seek some fresh air, we can obtain and dwell under the sky of heaven. We need to let go of ourselves periodically ,relieve the stress and put our selves at ease. Plan a trip to a tranquil place over the hills, where you can see the rising Sun , the sight and the feeling  of which is so fascinating. Sahyadris are filled with numerous such tranquil spots just enough to keep you spellbound by the lush green environment. Frequent visitors trek up the hills, to feel nature at its best and bask in the morning sunlight .

     This morning, the Sahyadris were visited once again, as there was a plan for a reunion. The group of best friends had drifted away with dreams of making it big , and they had made it. Raju , Chiku and Tinku as they called each other, were chaddi buddies and had been friends since the age of five. Raju was an artist and had mastered painting and skulpting , Chiku was a scientist and was obsessed with chemicals having unpronouncable names and Tinku was a developer in a high paying software company. Tinku had called up Raju a week earlier, who was elated to hear from him and then later he dialled Chiku , whose happiness knew no bounds. They were very happy to get in touch with each other and to know that Tinku was getting engaged. They immediately made travel plans for the next weekend and had reached Tinkus home. The occasion was to be a week later but the friends had planned to spend the entire week together. Their mood was oozing with energy and they had decided to scale up the hill Sunday morning and they were now at the foot of the hill.

Climbing a hill again after a gap of a few years turned out to be an uphill task, which was literally true as well. Sweating profusely Tinku checked the time it was 5:30 am , which meant they had another half an hour before sunrise. Meeting after almost four years they had a lot to talk about and doing just that while climbing they started to lose a lot of energy making it more tiring. Tinku was quick as he had still been climbing the hill with his colleagues sometimes in the past few years. Tinku urged others to keep up with his pace and as they were a bit too exhausted , they didn’t bother to listen to Tinku and stopped to take rest. Tinku had brought some energy drinks with him which he gave to his friends and they started off again. Soon they could see the hill top which invigorated their spirit to climb faster. It was hardly five more minutes to six when they reached the top. As it was December they could feel the cool breeze swiftly moving across. Raju was out of breath, and started complaining and cursing Tinku saying it was his plan which had pulled them out of bed on a very cold day and made them run uphill. It was dawn break and they could see the Sun rays illuminating the environment.

Out of sheer excitement of just being with his friends in such pleasant surroundings, Tinku jumped with joy. Raju and Chiku were amazed by this. They thought Tinku had gone insane as it had been very tiring, and to jump like that seemed impossible to them .It was Chiku’s turn to jokingly speak against Tinku asking him why did he want Raju to suffer. Raju said “Seeing you jump like that, I forgive you as I feel you have lost your mind”. Tinku asked them whether they had ever been to a place like this and to which they had no answer. He said “Don’t you feel relaxed in this place. You can forget about anything that bothers you. Leave everything aside and lighten up.” Chiku jumped this time and said “I am happy to just be with all of you”. Raju was still exhausted and said “I know we all are excited having met after so long but I really don’t want to jump like that just to show it”. Tinku took out his mobile and clicked some pictures of the Sunrise and his friends. Chiku asked Raju whether he would jump and asked Tinku to be ready to take a snap. Raju finally gave in and with all his power he sprung up to half his height which resulted in a perfect snap. The resulting photograph was spledid , Raju was in mid air with his hands sideways as if he had grown wings, and his silhouette against the backround of the hills with the morning sunrise behind him. This was a perfect picture which they would cherish reminiscing, as the moment being captured would be set along with other such numerous snaps which depicted the blissful times in their friendship.

Note : Chaddi buddies means friends knowing each other since childhood where its literal translation means underwear friends 😀 . http://www.urbandictionary.com is a dictionary of slang words and phrases and is extremely useful. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chaddi+buddy )